Welcome to AlohaTrades!

I’ve set up this site and started this blog for a couple of entirely selfish reasons. I have no illusions that anyone would really want to read even a single word I’ve written. I have started this in order to help me organize my thoughts about my trading and to saddle me with a bit of intellectual honesty about how I come to place the trades I place. Secondly, I am hoping that others may read these words and leave comments to help me see the world in which I operate a little more clearly. Frequently I think we are blind to our own defects in thinking and it takes the observation of another to point out potholes in the road to paradise.

Although I have been trading equities since 1982, this has not become my ‘day job’ until January of 2011. I have had two previous careers, I went to medical school in my twenties and had a career in medicine for about 15 years. I retired from that ten years ago and pursued my dream of law school, finishing about 7 years ago. I practiced law for a few more years and now have ended up here, trading nearly every day the market is open. I trade equities in the form of stocks and ETF’s, and a great deal of options on the same.

Once again, welcome!


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