Retirement 01

So you’re thinking about retiring? Congratulations are in order for at least two reasons. First, you’ve survived to an age where retirement is a consideration. Not everyone does, of course, but you did. Either through luck or taking care of yourself you’ve gotten to this age where you are thinking that your career may take a back seat in your life.

Secondly, you have a minimum financial position that makes working and an earned income somewhat optional. Again, not everyone has this, but you do. For these two reasons you should celebrate, at least a little.

If watch any television whatsoever, and you are in the baby boomer demographic (roughly those born between 1946 and 1964) you’ve been seeing advertisements from financial companies touting their expertise at retirement. There are some folksy ones where the investment advisor attends the retirement party and reminds the retiree that they have been planning this for a long time and it’s all good. Some play to financial anxiety, asking if you are sure that you will outlive your retirement assets. Their message is to turn your money over to their financial institution and it will all be taken care of. That may or may not be true, and I am not here to criticize their skill at managing retirement funds. In fact, I have the majority of my retirement assets on deposit in three of the largest financial institutions. These institutions are some of the ones with the most aggressive commercials. What I do find fault with is the underlying assumption that retirement is only a financial calculation. Sure, having sufficient assets gives you more freedom to do what you want, but sometimes figuring out what you want to do is the bigger problem to solve and just because you can quit working doesn’t mean you should quit working.

News Flash -> The Money Managers didn’t steal your Money $SPY $QQQ $IWM

OK, its been a while. Actually quite a very long while since I have sat and written in this blog. I’ve meant to, a lot and often, but I didn’t. But you have to start somewhere, and sometime.

First, I want to recommend a podcast, the Stocktwits podcast with the interview of Brian Lund or @bclund. Great interview with a level headed, humble trader and entrepreneur. I also recommend subscribing to his newsletter at The podcast can be found by searching for the Must Follow podcast series.

Tell me you haven’t seen some version of the following posts on StockTwits:

The damn MM decided to push $AAPL down again today.

$SPY Screwed by the MM again!

But I’ve got some news for you, they didn’t take your money, you just gave it away. You ALWAYS give it away. The only time you add money is when someone else decides to give it to you, and at that time you are willing to take it. There’s the rub, at that time you are probably unwilling to take it. When $AAPL is hitting a new 52 week or all time high, are you willing to sell your long position, or buy puts, or sell short if you are not long already? When it pulls back to, lets say about 125, are you willing to buy calls, or stock or sell puts or cover your short? If you can honestly answer yes to these scenarios then you are willing to take money from the other party, but most of us at that time are scared or greedy to pull the trigger.

To be sure there are big players that can move the market. Using $AAPL as the example, Carl Icahn has tweeted several times and gives interviews saying $AAPL is a ‘no brainer’ and this usually has some upward push to the stock. Also the company itself is set up to buy back 200 billion which I think they do every time the stock goes below 125. In fact, I’m betting that they will buy all you want to sell below 125.

But to think there is some consortium of players that can manipulate $AAPL or $SPY or $QQQ or $IWM is just ludicrous. If you really want to know what happened to your money, look in the mirror at the person that just gave it away and is unwilling to take it back from someone else when the opportunity arises.