I’m back, and a big welcome to my newest gazillion registrants

Man, a lot has happened since the last time I put fingers to the keyboard here. I figured I better get back to it, since I have accumulated somewhere close to a gazillion registrations since I left. Who knew that so many wanted me to return?

But seriously, what is the deal with registration spam? You don’t need to register to comment, or really to do anything. I don’t know the point. Does anyone? Let me know if anyone out there knows.

Ok, to the markets. Since I last posted here in February $AAPL went south, sometimes slowly and sometimes in lurches. My overall portfolio in July/Aug was down somewhere around 10% mostly because the value of my $AAPL calls evaporated. But I started restricting myself to selling weekly credit call spreads and accumulating both 400 and 500 strike Jan calls and later started trading the January calls for April calls.

The resurgence of $AAPL and the advancement of $GOOG, $PCLN and $MA all combined to turn things around and now the portfolio is up over 30% for the year and I am in the enviable position of doing some tax loss selling.

Whats next? Who knows, but I am thinking of taking some risk off the table after the first of the year and really pulling in on the trading. Now EVERYTHING has weekly options and my number of trades has really ballooned.

In the meantime I have celebrated the return of $AAPL by putting a little of the money back in, that is I have a new 128gb iPad Air and a new 512gb i7 MacBook Air on which I am typing at this very moment.