Kevin O’Leary on buying Twitter $TWTR, “I just don’t get it.”

Well, duh! 

Can anyone be surprised when Mr. Wonderful can’t find it in himself to buy TWTR (or NFLX, AMZN . . . . ). He states that you look at the balance sheet and it’s a “piece of . . . well you know what I want to say”. Yeah, Kevin, we know. You mean piece of shit.  

I’ve said it before. I have experience with people like him. He’s an old white guy, very full of himself. Sometimes wrong, but never in doubt. I’m a doctor and a lawyer. I’ve met and I know plenty of people like him. 

Well, because I’m a moron I bought TWTR when it was around 32 and change. I even bought call spreads in it, you know, because I like to buy pieces of shit.  

Old white guys tend to use these platforms less than millennials and have less appreciation for the potential of these platforms. If I am going to follow someone’s recommendations about these types of names, it is not an old white guy pushing his own conservative ETF.  

My investment in TWTR was recent and it was based on a recommendation by Josh Brown, a millennial. As I said it was trading around 32 and change and he recommended a stop at 30. This was on Feb 22. My investment is up about 12% 

Contrast that with Kevin O’Leary’s trade on Boeing BA. It was trading about 350 on Feb 22, today about 327. 

Why do I pick on Mr. O’Leary? Maybe because he’s an old white guy who has no curiosity about the future, with no ability to admit that he could be wrong. 

Does this remind you of anyone else?