I’m buying $WMT, right here. Right now.

Today I’m adding a bit of WalMart to my investment account. I’m buying a ‘starter’ position of the equity in this account. I bought at $95. 

In my speculative account I am going to buy a small number of call calendar spreads, buying to open the June 15 95 call for 4.95 and selling this Friday’s 95 call for 1.05 for a total debit of 3.90. 

With the call calendar, I will roll the calls weekly unless it really gets its footing and makes a move up above $100.  If that happens I will start to add call credit spreads.

WalMart reported today and basically admitted that the benefit from the new tax bill would not really apply to them, as it would some more USA focused companies. 

I am buying for only one reason, it’s a Dow 30 stock that’s down 10% on the day. That’s just too big of a haircut.  

I could be wrong and it could go down more. But if it does, I buy more. Here and now the dividend is approaching 2%. 

At the risk of being, once again, labelled a moron, I am going to say that this name has just ‘gone down enough’.